We inflate a balloon in the forest in nature

By | September 13, 2021

Somehow not so long ago I had bronchitis, and the doctor who came from the clinic to the call, examined me and listened to her apparatus, said that I needed to train my lungs. I ask her how it is. And she says, yes, it’s very simple, you need to inflate the balloons.

Well, I wound it on a mustache, on the mustache of which I do not have) But still something wound up. In the summer I went to the forest, taking several dozen balloons. Some of my zeal burst. Probably it was necessary not to completely inflate them. So he did with that ball on the video.

It turned out cool, though the wind was that day, but I don’t like the wind, firstly, the hair flies and gets tangled, and secondly, after sweating all sorts of leaves, dust and other flying sticks to the body, it’s not very pleasant.

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