Have you been doing yoga for a long time, which rejuvenates and strengthens the body?

By | July 7, 2022

Every day I undress to the naked and do classical yoga exercises, but for some reason it reminds me more of the Kama Sutra. Maybe yoga has a better effect on youth?
I do yoga exercises. The main thing is the purity of the body and strengthen the body.

The human body is very cunningly arranged: knowing that he is under stress, he does something with himself in order to calm down in a stressful state and thereby defeat stress. And this “something”, this state of mobilization, increasing the body’s resistance, others begin to feel. We explain it by the state of health, fatigue, fatigue. However, if a person who often experiences stress has health problems, then his state of mobilization usually occurs “on the go”, in connection with a real threat to life, or in connection with the fear of an impending danger, or some serious incident.

Having safely passed the danger, the person actually returns to an anxious state, and the stress that arose earlier begins anew. If a person has fear in life, then it will be difficult for him to cope with stress, and he will run to a doctor, a psychotherapist, or someone else, although he could not cope with it without resorting to the help of a doctor.
There comes a day when there are too many fears, so many stresses that a person becomes neurotic, that is, subject to a large number of phobias, and eventually becomes sick.

Little children who come into this world already initially have the problem of overcoming fear. This is exactly the problem that is inherent in many, even the most healthy people. This problem is due to the fact that everything in nature – including humans – initially has stress. Any disease is stressful for the body.
I would say that any disease is a stressor for the body, what this body has experienced and, accordingly, adapted to, is what it lives on.
But, when the amount of stress in our lives increases, or when diseases come to us, then this is a separate issue.
This book is about how we adapt to stress depending on what is the source of stress in our daily life – physical or mental stress, nervous tension, sexual satisfaction, thoughts of death, danger, fear, guilt and anger. .

Stress does not exist in nature, this is the state in which the body is, it is constantly present in our world, we just do not notice it, because we think that everything is always safe with us, that we are insured against dangers. However, it is not.
The world is constantly showing us great danger. Catastrophes, terrible accidents, terrible crimes constantly occur in the world, but we do not notice.