My name is Christian

By | July 22, 2019

My name is Christian. I was born in the city of Novosibirsk, how many years I will not tell, but I am quite young and beautiful. Once upon a time I was a very notorious boy, embarrassed by beautiful girls, and then girls.

Most of all I loved, and I love to walk barefoot to this day. In childhood, from spring from May to the very autumn until the onset of cold weather, he did not wear shoes at all. Yes, I used to scratch my legs, cut myself on shards of glass, but nothing, everything healed and life went on.

But on one of the warm summer days, something happened that changed my whole life. I loved to climb trees like a monkey. And now, having climbed a tree, practically on its top, and sitting down, as it seemed to me a solid branch, I contemplated the surrounding space from a bird’s-eye view, and there was something to contemplate about, the lake, the meadow, the forest around. But without sitting on this thread for 10 minutes, I heard a very disturbing crunch. Yes, intuition did not let me down, the branch slowly broke and cracked, and the more I moved the more she made it clear that soon I would fly head over heels. And I flew.

Doctors said that the injuries are very serious. But as they say, time heals, and from that case only resemble only a clearly curved spine and a very noticeable deformation of the chest. But the most interesting thing is not this, but the fact that while I was being treated at the clinic, and then a long rehabilitation, young nurses looked after me, and sometimes it happened that they took off my panties, because I myself could not do this because injuries. And when a young beautiful nurse came, and in my understanding it was a beautiful young girl, and took off my pants, I was very red and embarrassed. But after a while, this shame passed through and I began to like when, during such procedures, a girl in a white dressing gown took off my panties, looking at my little pubic fluff and having a sexual organ that had already formed like a real guy. With such close attention to him, this organ began to swell, straighten up, and of course the nurses noticed my erection, and inadvertently tried to touch or touch him, because of this, everything inside me intercepted.

But as time went on, I went on the mend, slowly began to get out of bed and take the first steps myself, and the first steps were barefoot on the smooth parquet to the window, because walking barefoot gave me a special incentive to get out of the hospital as soon as possible early spring and everything was starting to bloom.

I recovered, and of course I matured a bit, exactly for a year, but now the habit of taking off my underwear, undressing to the goal, was added to my habit of walking barefoot. Now, here’s how I get into nature, into the forest, to the sea, to the lake, I take off not only my shoes, but also all my clothes. Being naked in nature is just a holiday for me, a light breeze gently blows the body, and with my bare feet I feel the ground, wet fallen leaves, every pool, every clay mud that envelopes the feet and penetrates between each finger, bringing unreal pleasure.

I am often called the Russian Mowgli, or Christian outrageous, because it happens that often I live in a forest in a tent and am completely naked and barefoot. I created a website and I am looking for like-minded people who, like me, will share with me all the joy of being barefoot and naked.